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Having an opportunity to share my work and educate a broad audience has become one of my goals in horticulture. There is so much more to learn when you interact with nature and engage with others 

I speak on a wide variety of topics from garden travels, design, specific plant groups and even organize hands-on workshops for participants to really gain experience and confidence in various skills I've learned and developed over the years. 


  • Garden Design Fundamentals

  • Seasonal Gardens: Winter Gardens, Summer Flowering Bulbs, Autumn Interest, etc.

  • Popular Topics: Perennials, Bulbs, Fine Garden Maintenance, Houseplants, Orchids, etc.

  • By Genus:  Helleborus, Lilium, Hosta, Paeonia, etc. 

  • Floral Design Workshops

Please contact me for a full list and information about fees and travel details. 

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